• Our story

    Existing smart home solutions were too expensive. Took the DIY route. Created Hook - A Smart Home Hub that is simple, inexpensive and provides same functionality as other premium smart home products.


    Took the idea to UW Business Plan Competition, won seed funding and gained experience, launched on Kickstarter and now a full-fledged business with more than 7 employees.


    We are grateful to our Crowdfunding backers, UW Buerk Center, Jones and Foster Accelerator committee and our families. Thanks!


    Robert, Max, Anigo and Rahil

    We are all engineers. Robert is also an MBA. He keeps the business flying (literally). Max is good with machines and loves to tinker. Anigo does software magic and cannot live without a smart home. Rahil is a EE Phd student at UW and make circuits for thesis.

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