• Step 1: Connect Hook to your Home WiFi

    Things you can do for a smooth WiFi setup:

    1. Disconnect any WiFi extenders during setup.

    2. Change the names of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi channels, if they are same.

    3. Remove special characters and spaces from the WiFi SSID, if any.

    4. Change WiFi security type to WPA/WPA2. For setup with WEP security, refer here.

    5. Disable ATT WiFi calling on your iPhone during setup.

    WiFi setup for Android

    ProTips (covered in the video):

    1. Turn OFF Cellular Data AFTER you tap 'Add Hook' in the App

    2. Tap 'Next' AFTER the Android OS gives the 'WiFi has no internet access' warning

    3. Turn ON Cellular Data as Soon as you tap 'Connect' from the nearby WiFi list

    WiFi setup for iOS

    1. Find 'Hook Home Automation' App and download

    2. Follow the instructions in the video


    WiFi setup using a Computer/iPad

    You will need a computer with WiFi

    1. Go to www.gethook.io/web

    2. Follow the instructions in the video

    Pro Tip: Disconnect Ethernet cable from your computer during setup

  • Step 2: Add devices to your Hook

    Now that your Hook is connected to WiFi (LED breathing Cyan), let's add devices to your setup

    Adding Devices tutorial

    Max Wheeler takes you around his house as he adds Devices to his Hook. Check out for ideas on things to connect with your Hook.

  • Step 3: Integrations

    Connect Hook with other services to get the most out of your Smart Home. Click on the links below to learn how to setup your Hook with these services. All the products and services are trademarks by the respective companies.

    Make smart rules using the Maker channel on IFTTT

    Control your Hook with voice using Alexa

    Credits: Harrison Jones

    Use Hook with the Google Home and Google Assitant

    Control Hook Devices using Home-Assitant.io

    Credits: Avid Hook user

    Use Hook with the SmartThings Hub

    Credits: beckyricha

    Control Hook devices with Apple Homekit and Siri

    Credits: Pico Mitchell

  • Troubleshooting

    Need help with your Hook, check out more troubleshooting steps on the support forum.

    Hook LED Patterns

    • Blinking Blue: Hook is ready to connect to the WiFi
    • Flashing Green: Hook has the WiFi credentials and is connecting to the router
    • Breathing Cyan: Hook is connected to the WiFi
    • Flashing White on Remote Button Press: Hook has successfully paired the remote button
    • Flashing Red: Hook is in an error state. Note number of RED flashes and contact support