Granite countertops: Are they your kitchen’s best friends? 

Granite countertops: Are they your kitchen’s best friends? 

Kitchen countertops play a very crucial role whether you’re getting your kitchen renovated or you’re building a new home. Since there are surplus options to choose from as countertop materials, there’s naturally a lot of confusion as well about which are the best options. 

If you have been struggling to come up with a definitive answer on what to choose as your countertop material, then this guide on the benefits of granite countertops might resolve all your problems. 

Things to keep in mind if getting granite countertops installed  

Before we take you through the advantages, we’d like to make you aware of certain things about granite stone that you should know before making a choice. Have a look!

  1. Granite isn’t non-porous by nature. Only when the slabs are properly sealed that they become waterproof.
  2. It’s important to get granite resealed once every two to three years for the stone to stay intact for decades. 
  3. Chipped granite can be easily repaired using a same-colored putty.

Moving on, let’s now explore the major benefits of granite that make it the king of countertops in Canada!

Granite is cool  

Have you ever wondered what makes chefs use granite as their countertop material? Granite is a cool stone – it repels heat and this feature makes granite a true chef’s choice. 

  1. Being a cool stone, granite can be used to knead the dough and make bread. 
  2. The surface of granite is hygenic.
  3. High-quality sealing makes the surface scratch-resistant. So, you can chop and cut veggies on top of your countertop directly.
  4. Since it resists heat, don’t worry if you accidentally keep a hot pan on the slab. It won’t burn or decolor. 

Granite is exclusive

One of the most fascinating facts about all-natural stones is that no two slabs are ever the same. Granite is a natural stone that has the same property. It means the countertop you have will be exclusively yours. 

You can be the proud owner of something that nobody else will ever have. 

Granite is strong and durable 

When we say strong and durable, we don’t mean a year or a few, we mean decades. Sealed granite doesn’t sustain scratches. It doesn’t fade and won’t lose texture or hue. 

In other words, it will stay brand new even after decades with minimal care.

Granite won’t burn your pocket post installation

Some countertops are cheap when installed, but their maintenance proves to be extremely costly later on. Thankfully, granite isn’t one of them. 

It is a low-cost investment because its maintenance needs are minimal. Just keep getting it resealed once every two or three years, that’s all. 

Summing up:

We hope you have come to a conclusion on whether or not granite is ideal for your home. If you’re planning to move ahead, do check out the Kitchen Wholesalers granite countertops for the best quality and affordable rates. 

Richard P. Akin

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