• Hook

    Smart Home Hub

    Control lights and appliances inexpensively with Smartphone, IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Home


    Hook makes Non-Smart outlets into Smart outlets


    Say, you want to control FIVE lights and appliances with your Smartphone:

    This is Smart Home on a Budget


    Remotely control your lights and appliances

    Turn On and Off your lights and appliances from anywhere, right from your iOS or Android smartphone


    Group devices in the same room to control them together.


    Share selected devices with family and guests.

    Make rules for routine tasks using IFTTT

    Like, Turn On Window Fan when Nest says it's too Hot.

    Or, Turn On Holiday Lights at Sunset. #NoMoreBoringTasks

    Control your home with your Voice

    Hook works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

    Just ask Alexa or call out "Hey Google" to turn on/off your Hook devices


    How many outlets per Hook?

    While we will never limit how many outlets you can add to a Hook Hub, there is a practical limit of 12-15 outlets beyond which remotes may overlap and cause multiple outlets to respond at once.

    What is the range?

    150-200 ft through walls. A single Hook hub works for most homes. You can also buy additional Hook(s), and they will work together seamlessly.

    What frequencies are supported?

    Hook works with most remote-controlled devices operating at 433MHz frequency range.

    Is Hook a bridge?

    That's right. Hook is RF-to-WiFi bridge with our patent-pending remote cloning technology.

    Does Hook work with Google Home?

    Yes. Hook works with Google Home natively. To learn how to setup Google Home with Hook, refer this Setup page.

    How do I find the App?

    Search App Store or Google Play Store for 'Hook Home Automation'.

    What's in the box?

    Hook, USB adapter and cable and a quick-start guide.

    What if I have a different question?

    Email us at connect@gethook.io if you have any questions.

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