3 Tips to Keep Your Solar Panels Well-Maintained

3 Tips to Keep Your Solar Panels Well-Maintained

Once sunlight is converted into electricity and the energy is stored, that’s when you know your solar panels are working efficiently. However, these things can only become efficient when they are free from dirt or debris because the dirtier the panels, the lesser the power produced. On the contrary, cleaner panels mean more clean energy is generated for your usage at home or for your business.

Research has it that a long-term build-up of dirt could decrease the solar panels’ electricity production by as much as 20%. So, you see how important it is to keep your panels well-maintained? Below are some tips to keep your solar panels last longer and stronger.

Wash your solar panels.

Lucky for you if your location receives a good amount of rain and snow since rainwater and snowmelt normally wash off dirt, debris and animal droppings. You could also do with a leaf blower to remove leaves that have accumulated on the roof or a garden hose to rinse off dirt, dust and debris.

However, if you live in an area experiencing dusty and windy weather, or have been subjected to ash and smoke from the wildfires, then by all means, clean your panels. Yet, don’t ever think of exposing yourself to dangers. For your own safety, hire one of the best solar repair and maintenance specialists to do it particularly if your roof is somewhat pitched.

Experts recommend at least four times a year cleaning panels. On the average, solar panels need only little maintenance. Just a periodic cleaning is enough to remove leaves, dirt and debris so that the sun’s rays are not obstructed.

Inspect your panels regularly.

See if dust or soot had also gathered on them because these too, have to be removed. Do a visual inspection on a monthly basis as you might be getting any visible drop in efficiency without knowing it. And you’ll just notice it when it’s reflected in your bill. If nature won’t do its part, then you would have to do the cleaning yourself.

Check your batteries, too.

To know if they’re still in good condition, check the batteries two or three times a year. Look out for corrosion, white powder or gunk rising up around the terminals at the top of each battery. Remember that the batteries are your storage for the energy produced by the solar panels.

If you notice that the panels are not producing as much energy as they typically do, then it must be the batteries. So, just keep them clean, too.

Experience shows that solar panels have approximately 30 life-years and in that span of time, they do need to be maintained properly to keep them in good working condition. If there’s something wrong with any part of your solar power system, do contact the solar repair and maintenance specialists.


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