Floor Heating Systems are increasingly becoming a popular choice of homeowners. However, with any popular thing, there are myths attached to it. Sometimes the functioning of the system might make one apprehensive and believe in these myths. We are here to bust some of the most common myths which surround the floor heating system and help you to take a step forward towards its installation.

 Myth: They make the floor crack

Heating systems don’t usually make the floor crack or ruin the flooring. The cracks in the floor usually arise due to climate change or wear and tear. Floors will begin to crack on their own with time irrespective of whether you have a heating system attached or not. Some flooring materials like hardwood are susceptible to cracking when there is moisture in the air.

 Myth: They overheat the home

The house gets overheated when there is insufficient insulation or there are only a few windows in the house. The type of heating system that you should opt for is also dependent on the insulation of the home and the number of windows that are present.Myth: It Omits Heat

The radiant heating system works by emitting heat which implies that it absorbs, reflects and transmits heat. It radiates heat to the whole room by heating up the floor. Once the floor has been heated the heat rises up to heat up the other elements in the room.

 Myth: It can only be used with tile or concrete flooring

Tile or concrete flooring are some of the best options to pair with a floor heating system. However, the system also pairs perfectly with other types of flooring like vinyl, carpet and even hardwood and laminate. The experts will help you to determine which type of heating system would be best suited for the floor that you want to go for.

 Myth: It needs to be installed throughout the house

When the radiant heating systems first came into the market, it made a lot more sense to install the whole system under each floor as it would keep every room of the house warm. However, with advancements in technology, changes have also been brought about in how it is installed at home. A small number of pipes can be installed under the floor of the room. The heat is controlled through the thermostat for that room. The whole house doesn’t have to go through the renovation procedure.

 Myth: It can only be installed in the bathroom or kitchen

The floor heating system works best in all kinds of rooms. It is usually installed in the kitchen or bathroom but it also works wonders in other rooms. This type of heating system can also be installed in your driveway, walkway or stairs to prevent any snow build up. The floor heating systems are a great option for every home. If you have any doubts the experts will be there to guide you and help you to make an informed decision about the same.

Rosalyn R. Crum

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