The benefits of wooden sash windows

The benefits of wooden sash windows

The addition of wooden sash windows to a property brings with it a whole host of benefits both aesthetically and to the value of the home. If you have uPVC sash windows currently in place at your home, or you are a property developer looking at the different options open to you when discussing the windows of a new development, there are good reasons why you should pick a company that supplies a traditional sash window made from timber. There is a good reason why timber has been used in the construction of windows for centuries and we’ll look at a few of the best. 

Environmentally friendly materials

Every single one of us must look at how we consume, how we create and the impact we have on the environment. For too long within construction there has been the use of materials that are bad for the environment, but if you have the choice of using an environmentally friendly building material, such as timber, you must take it. Timber uses a low amount of energy in processing, production, and transport. Not only that, but timber has a longlifespan, and can be used within the replacement of sash windows too.

It looks great

Sash windows look fantastic when made with timber. The classic Georgian and Victorian sash windows looked great and by using timber, you can recreate the classic aesthetic that never goes out of style. A wooden window frame adds a certain level of elegance and sophistication to a property, improving the feel of a building and tying everything together.

Timber is a requirement in certain situations

If you live in, or you are developing, a listed building that has sash windows in place, the likelihood is that there is a legal requirement to use timber during any renovation. This is a requirement in order to maintain the value of the property through a retention of the authenticity of the style, design and materials used when the property was originally built.

Flexible for decoration

You desire the windows to match the aesthetic of the rest of the property, and with timber sash windows you have the flexibility that allows for this. You can paint timber, you can stain it or carve it, it offers a flexibility to match your personal taste and the overall décor of the rest of the property. 

Great thermal properties

Timber is a natural insulator. What this means for a property with wooden sash windows is that it will maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. During the winter months it will help the building to retain heat, and in the winter the home will be cooler. Timber sash windows help to provide a fresh flow of air when you need it most throughout a property and it helps to maintain a good control over energy bills.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to installing wooden sash windows at a property that you are renovating. Good suppliers of timber sash windows understand the quality required to make a real difference to any property refurbishment.


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