FAQs About Turkish Rugs That Rug Shoppers Should Understand!

FAQs About Turkish Rugs That Rug Shoppers Should Understand!

If you’re currently in the market for Turkish rugs, then you’ve got very good taste in flooring décor! There’s a lot that rug shoppers need to understand when it comes to the intricate nature of Turkish rugs, and how much they can vary from product to product.

The good news is that there are many experienced rug industry specialists out there that’ll support you in understanding what you need to know in order to make an informed purchase. One rug industry team that is known for its incredible online inventory is Rug Source, and the Rug Source team has supported this article by providing answers to several frequently asked questions (FAQs) that they receive from Turkish rug shoppers.

So if you’re a Turkish rug shopper with many questions, then you should understand that this is perfectly normal and that you’re not the only one who has questions! Below are some FAQs about Turkish rugs that many rug shoppers have:

What exactly does it mean when a Turkish area rug is an antique?

When it comes to Turkish area rugs, antiques are typically pretty old! Although it’s possible to find area rugs over 100+ years in age, antique rugs start at around 50-70 years in age.

These older rugs are typically restored and thoroughly cleaned when they go up for re-sale, and you can be rest assured that antique Turkish rugs will last a very long time!

How do rug outlets photograph rug products to precisely depict the colors?

This is a major concern for many online rug shoppers, because they naturally are concerned that photographs have been edited to show area rugs in less-than-accurate colors.

Make sure you ask this type of question to online outlets when you’re shopping digitally, and make sure that they’re photographing their rug products in natural light. Any kind of studio lighting can alter how the rug will actually appear in your home, but natural light will give an accurate depiction.

Why do some Turkish rugs appear to be faded or worn out?

It’s common for some Turkish rugs to have inconsistent coloring or fading as they age, and this is simply a sign of normal wear and tear. All these types of unique characteristics are part of what make these types of area rugs so one-of-a-kind!

Are Turkish rugs always cleaned prior to being purchased?

Typically, yes. If you’re purchasing a Turkish rug from a reputable outlet or showroom, then you can be rest assured that they’ve thoroughly cleaned and restored the rug if necessary.

How can I clean my vintage rug from my house?

One of the best recommendations for vintage rug upkeep is simply vacuuming on a weekly basis, but you’ll still need to be careful while vacuuming so you don’t damage any edges or corners of your rug. Some older rugs need a good shaking every now and again, and avoiding chemical cleaners is also important just in case you experiencing a spill.

Are rug pads really necessary?

It’s highly recommended that Turkish rug owners utilize a rug pad to better ensure that your rugs don’t slip from underneath your feet. A lot of rug outlets and showrooms will cut out a custom-sized rug pad for you when you purchase your new area rug.

Always Work With Experienced Rug Specialists When You’re Shopping For Turkish Rugs!

The best thing you can always do is direct your questions to experienced specialists when you’re in the process of shopping for new area rugs. Turkish rugs are very special types of rugs, so you’ll want to be as informed as possible about your preferred options prior to making any final decisions.

You can learn more about Turkish rugs by getting in direct contact with the Rug Source experts by going to their website via the link at the top of the page.


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