Here’s The Complete Guide to Basement Renovation

Here’s The Complete Guide to Basement Renovation

The basement is quite an essential part of the house. Most houses have either full or partial basements. However, incomplete basements can be both downgrading to the value of the house and dangerous. In that case, renovating the basement to add in more functionality can be a good idea. This helps with extra storage space in the house and also increases the overall value of the house. Moreover, if you do not use the basement for storage purposes, you can use it as a guest room too.

So, here’s a guide to renovating your basement and use it to its full potential:


It sounds surprising to have windows in the basement but in reality, full basements do have windows. You can use either sliding or hopper windows. Apart from working as an additional light source, it also serves the purpose of an emergency exit if trapped due to some reason. However, while renovating the basement, the existing window placement should not be changed and size should be calculated for the best results.


Quite naturally, lights in the basement would be low or nil. In that case, to have a fully functional basement, you need to install powerful lights to make the whole area easily accessible. Apart from installing powerful lights, you need to calculate the placement of the lights too to ensure that every corner is lit and accessible. You can install lights on the wall, the ceiling, or even on external stands.


In most unfinished basements, the floor is made up of concrete. Though you can color and renovate the concrete flooring, it is not a feasible option. On the flip side, putting carpets on the floor can be a better and less costly option. Moreover, in case of underground water leakage or damps, the carpet can be easily replaced proving convenience. Hardwood flooring is the worst option one can approach when flooring the basement.

Electric and water piping

Since the basement is damp and dark, both electrical and water piping lines should be of high quality. While electrical piping or insulation would mean less danger and energy consumption, quality water piping can stop leakages. Waterproofing is also a great idea to prevent the seeping of water from underground. This protects the house from dampness and also saves the electrical lines from short-circuits.

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