How to Hire a Stone Restoration Contractor?

How to Hire a Stone Restoration Contractor?

Over a due course of time, your natural stone can always become abraded, etched, scratched, or may get damaged too, depending on how you use it. A contractor who is fully trained and qualified in stone restoration jobs only can offer the best services.

Cata stone care & restoration is can offer professional service of your stone restoration and have developed the best practices and methods to bring polish and cleanliness to your stone surface and bring back its original shine!

If you are looking for a stone restoration contractor of similar caliber then before you hire, you must ask the following few questions.

The following are a few basic questions that you must ask the service provider while calling him on phone to get the necessary information that you should know:

  1. Does your company have any liability insurance?
  2. Will you sub contract the restoration work to some other service provider or the people who is going to work in my premise are your actual employees of your company?
  3. How long your company has been in this business?
  4. Can you supply me a few list of references?

After you are satisfied with these basic questions, you can then ask the stone restoration company to visit your building or home to personally see the extent of work and offer you an estimate first, before you ask him to schedule the restoration project.

During the meeting you can ask the following few questions:

  1. What techniques will your restoration company use for refinishing the stone?
  2. How long are you going to take to complete the restoration project?
  3. How will your restoration company protect our surrounding carpet, cabinet, wood, etc.?
  4. What is your lead-time for scheduling this restoration project with the help of your available manpower?
  5. What kind of training have provided to your workers who will actually do the restoration work?
  6. Have you got any membership of any professional organizations?

If you are satisfied with the answer after interviewing at 3 to 4 such contractors, you must look at their offer and decide the contractor. Don’t always consider the price as an important criterion.

A restoration company, who is going to offer the service will like to know about your budget and also about your stone. He will consider the following:

  1. What type(s) of stone that you have and what colour is it?
  2. How many months/years back, it was installed and who had installed the stone?
  3. He may also like to know what issues are you facing with the stone? 
  4. Whether your stone has any coating on it?
  5. Approximately what is the approximate size of the area that you want to restore?
  6. In which area of town, the building or home is located?
  7. Whether you have children or pets?
  8. What days or times will suit best for you for restoration work?

All the answers to these questions can help the service providers to take decision about what restoration process is needed, when to start the work. Also, this will help the contractor to offer you a fair and accurate price.

Madalyn Macejkovic

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