Pros And Cons Of A Marble Countertop 

Pros And Cons Of A Marble Countertop 

There is a lot of fuss about marbles, and with good reasons. After all, who would not love having a beautiful engineered natural stone in their home? There was a time when marbles were only found in wealthy families, but it has gotten cheaper in the past years due to more efficient extraction techniques and less expensive ocean-freighting costs. 

Every good thing in the world has its downsides, and marble is no different. While it may seem like the perfect luxury addition to beautifying your home’s interior, you should know all the facts about it before making a decision. Weighing the pros and cons can help. For the best quality, buy marble countertops from Granite au Sommet

Pros and cons of a marble countertop 


  • Cleaning marble is easy. 

One of the best things about marble is that you can easily clean it. All you need is a microfibre cloth, hot water, and soap; you do not even need to waste your money and time buying special products. However, you must avoid acidic cleaning products, such as vinegar, lemon-based cleaners, bleach, etc. 

  • Color variety. 

Marble comes in a lot of variety and colors, which make it easier for people to find their match. The veining patterns of marble give it an amazing appearance that is bound to awe your guests. 

  • Added value. 

Marble adds significant value to your home. If you are planning on selling it, you can get a great return on your investment. Buyers are often attracted to homes with marbles. 

  1. Durability.

Marble provides decent durability. Even though good quality marble is considered “soft,” it is still hard enough to withstand high traffic. That is why they are a popular choice for kitchens and stairs. 


  • Marble is porous, and it can stain. 

Marble is a natural stone, and any natural stone comes with porosity. This means that it can easily absorb pigment, drips, and spills if it sits too long on the surface. Additionally, it does not resist heat very well, so you cannot put hot pans or pots directly on it. It can wear down with time and etch, which can dull its appearance. 

  • Scratches. 

Scratches are an issue with polished marble. Different varieties of marble have varying degrees of hardness. Still, scratches are a pretty common problem with marbles, especially when they are used in kitchen settings. 

  • Cost. 

Marble countertops are indeed costly. They are expensive and, thus, do not fit into everyone’s budgets. Though there are different types of marbles with different price ranges, all of them are likely on the expensive side. 

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