Top 3 Tips for Carpenter Ant Control In Detroit, MI

Top 3 Tips for Carpenter Ant Control In Detroit, MI

Ants are one of the notorious creatures with over 9000 species. In Detroit, you can come across more than 100–150 types of species of ants. While most people consider all ants harmless; unfortunately, they are not so innocent. 

The entry of ants into your house is a warning sign that needs to be corrected. Getting rid of ants from home requires professional skills and meticulous pest control management. Opting for carpenter ant control in Detroit, MI can help. 

The onset of the summer season can make ants behave differently than other seasons. They usually move out of their holes in such a season in search of food and may affect your daily life. Pest control companies need to use heavy equipment, tools, and solutions to make your house pest-free. 

Types of Ants in Detroit

It’s difficult to analyze various species of ants as they are countless. However, you can’t get rid of them using a one-size-fits-all solution. Only a qualified ant control expert can offer you the appropriate solution based on the species of ant and the problem. 

Carpenter Ants

In Detroit, carpenter ants are common. These are notorious creatures and usually damage furniture and fittings. Usually, they are black, but they are also found in yellow, red, brown, and dark brown. 

These ants don’t eat wood but create tunnels to make the inside of the wooden structures hollow and weak. As soon as you notice a colony of carpenter ants inside your house, you must take the help of a Detroit-based pest management company. 

Black Ants

Black ants also go by Monomorium minimum (entomological name), are another nagging creatures, which can cause a lot of problems. Black ants are difficult to exterminate because they create a separate colony anywhere in your house. Their queen can stay alive for up to 12–13 months and can reproduce hundreds and thousands of ants before they die. 

A proficient ant management firm in Detroit can offer effective treatment options to keep your house neat and out of reach of various ants and pests. 

Carpenter Ant Control in Detroit, MI: Tips and Tricks

Using Pesticides

If you notice a colony of ants only at a specific location in your house, using pesticides or spray can be an ideal option. But you shouldn’t use it frequently as pesticides are not free from harmful chemicals and compounds. 

Seal Cracks and Entry Point

Another simple step to deny the entry of pests and insects to your house is by sealing cracks and all entry points. It helps you keep your home out of reach of ants and other pests. 

Neat and Clean

When your surrounding is neat and clean, ants and pests would find it difficult to enter your house. Whenever possible, get counters cleaned with antibacterial soap and water. Also, make sure that all your garbage bins are fully covered. 

In Conclusion   

Ant control and management is a specialized task requiring professional skills and experience. While hiring an ant control expert, ensure they are reliable, experienced, and reputed. 

Madalyn Macejkovic

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