What Are Some Easy and Natural Ways to Heal a Bee Sting in Schertz?

What Are Some Easy and Natural Ways to Heal a Bee Sting in Schertz?

We have all been the victim of a horrible sting, even if not prepared. Bees these days are found even in our neighborhoods, and mind you, if you live in a locality where there are a lot of trees and flowers, you are bound to meet this evil day. However, a bee sting is not the end of the world. When people are stung by a bee, they either get better with medicine, or here are some natural methods by pest control Schertz which you could try.


After a bee sting, your first aid should be ice. Ice acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps your skin heal. You could use those frozen vegetables or ice-cold canned beers stocked up in your fridge to soothe the sting. 

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant-based gel that moisturizes and soothes the skin organically. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects are in aloe vera extract. You may find aloe vera gel at numerous pharmacy stores and the internet. Applying a small amount of gel to the bee sting will help minimize swelling and prevent infection.

Use a little honey

Honey has anti-inflammatory components. Thus, it may aid in reducing swelling. Honey’s inherent antibacterial properties may also aid in infection prevention and healing. Specific medical experts use honey extracts in wound dressings for these reasons. Apply a tiny bit of honey on the sting to see if it helps. You should do this to avoid attracting extra bees due to the honey’s odor.


One home cure is to apply toothpaste. Apply a tiny bit of toothpaste to the sting location to try it, but proceed with caution. The toothpaste may cause skin irritation, especially if kept on for an extended time.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion, an over-the-counter itch-relieving product, can also help relieve the pain and itching produced by a bee sting. Cover the injured region with a bandage after applying a thin coating of calamine lotion.

To conclude, if the pain or the itch has not yet gone away, you should contact a good dermatologist who will give you the right over-the-counter medicines. Please do not delay in treating the wound as it could be dangerous. Stings can cause pus if not treated as soon as you have got it. However, there are many creams and ointments like Candid B, which would help soothe the affected area. 

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