Creative Ways To Use 3×5 Rugs Throughout Your Home!

Creative Ways To Use 3×5 Rugs Throughout Your Home!

Decorating homes with area rugs isn’t always such a simple process, and this is partly because you’ll ultimately have a limitless amount of options to choose from when you’re shopping online.

Every home has tighter spaces that could use more interior designing, and 3×5 rugs just so happen to be a great option for these tighter spaces. It’s important to do your homework and come to a good understanding of how you’ll use a 3×5 area rug prior to actually purchasing one, and below are some creative tips to keep in mind when you’re considering how to use smaller rugs throughout your home!

Welcoming Shoe Storage

We’ve all seen welcome mats at homes of friends and family, and this type of décor piece can be so much more than just a place for you and your guests to wipe your feet.

Your foyers and entryways are great places for 3×5 rugs, and this is a good placement for bright, welcoming colors that set the overall ambience for the rest of your home. Indoor-outdoor rugs are another great option for these spaces, because they’re made of durable materials that can withstand a ton of foot traffic and shoe wiping.

Play Mats

A lot of homes get lost in the chaos of toddlers and babies when it comes to interior design ideas, but another kid-friendly way to use 3×5 rugs is to place them in playrooms and other household areas as play mats. These small rugs are also great options for underneath highchairs, where you know spills will likely happen.

Again, indoor-outdoor rugs are a great option for this type of rug usage due to durability and affordability. Your kids will be able to spill drinks and food on smaller outdoor rugs, which can easily be cleaned in your washing machine.

Play mat rugs can also be swapped out based upon the time of year, which means they’re great for holiday decorations. Pet owners can also benefit from 3×5 rugs when you place them underneath pet beds and food bowls!

Bathroom & Kitchen Accents

Today’s interior design world is all about accent features, and small 3×5 area rugs are a great accent option for household spaces like your bathrooms and kitchen.

A water-resistant rug can keep the area around your tub or shower dry, while also adding a splash of décor to your bathroom area. And depending on the size of your bathroom, your 3×5 rug could also be placed in front of your bathroom sink.

The same thing goes for your kitchen, because having a warm place for your feet while doing dishes or cooking can go a long way for your overall comfort and interior design themes!

Wall Hangings

Wall hanging rugs are wildly popular throughout many parts of the world, and smaller area rugs can be a great option for your walls as well as your floors. This timeless home décor approach is particularly stylish when combined with the artistry of world-class styles like Persian and Oriental rugs.

Small wall hangings are a very trendy décor tip, because they provide a chic accent to areas of your home where you might not expect rugs to be.

Outdoor Porch Décor

Extending your living space out toward your home’s front/back porch is a very common décor concept, and small accent area rugs can really bring these living areas together in a way that’s welcoming and functional.

Just remember that outdoor area rugs will be necessary for this type of design idea, because indoor rugs are never meant to go outside. But by placing an aesthetic rug on your porch, you can create a great place to hang out and spend your time on warm summer days.

Layering 3×5 Rugs On Top Of Bigger Rugs

Rug layering is another wildly popular home décor theme that’s been growing throughout recent years, and smaller 3×5 rugs just so happen to be a wonderful option when you already own larger area rugs.

What you’ll end up doing is simply place the 3×5 rug on top of your larger rug, which then creates a unique flooring design that likely won’t exist anywhere else but within your home!

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There’s a lot to love about 3×5 rugs and the many home décor tricks that you can implement with them, and the above tips are just a starting point to get the gears moving on your next ideas.

One of the best places to find high-quality 3×5 rugs online is at Rug Source, and you can learn more about their selection of small area rugs when you speak to their team by going through the link to their website at the beginning of this article!

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