Home Security Measures for Remote Areas

Having a secure home is every homeowner’s priority. A home is often faced with multiple threats, most of which are external. As break-ins become more and more common, the ways to prevent them from occurring also develop accordingly – this can be beneficial for any homeowner who opts for advanced security measures for their home. While most home security measures apply to any home, those in remote areas may have certain more specific requirements.

Just as a home needs to be protected against external threats, there are certain things within it that can bring harm to it. Water damage, fire hazards and other such disasters are quite common occurrences in neglected homes, which is why having devices such as smoke/CO detectors can really help strengthen your home’s security. The following are some measures homeowners can take to make their home much safer to live in.

Have a Strong Wi-Fi Connection

When living in an area with limited access to a lot of resources, having a connection to the rest of the world can be very important – it may even be life-saving in certain situations. This is where your internet comes in. Having a stable internet connection is a necessity, whether you’d like to use it for work, entertainment or smart home monitoring purposes. Your home’s security may even depend on the strength of your internet connection, so make sure it is reliable.

There are different internet types which customers can choose from in any given area. Choosing the right type will allow you to have the best speed at the best rates. This also depends on the Internet Service Provider you select. In remote areas, you may not have too many options, but you must still try to ensure that they are offering the type of internet which will fulfill your requirements.

Smart Security Gadgets

Living in an area where there generally isn’t a lot of activity around your home isn’t exactly the safest setting. This is why it can be very helpful to have certain gadgets in your home which can help make your home more secure, giving you peace of mind no matter where your home is located. 


Security cameras are one of the most essential gadgets when it comes to increasing a home’s security. This is one of the most important additions to a smart home and can provide you with a living space that is much easier to lead a healthier lifestyle in. This is even more important in remote areas due to the absence of activity around your home. Homes like this can be much easier to sneak into, making them a lot more vulnerable to break-ins and such. Security cameras will help you monitor the activity around your home, ensuring peace of mind for you.

Smoke and Leak Detectors

The threats to a home aren’t always external. Your home is vulnerable to certain things inside it as well, which is why having gadgets to deal with these issues can be very important. Smoke and leak detectors are such devices. It can be difficult to access services in remote areas sometimes, which means that in situations such as accidental fires, you may have to wait a while before help can arrive. This can be very deadly, and will most likely result in your losing your home. Water damage through leaks may not be as harmful, but can still cost you a lot of money in repair. This is why smoke and leak detectors are a must.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are one of the most helpful devices in any home. Not only are they able to be installed individually and function on their own, they help other smart devices perform their tasks a lot better as well. Through motion sensors, your smart lights can function a lot better. They can detect movement or someone’s entry in a room, and turn on automatically. Not only is this a convenient way to light your home, it is also a great security measure.

As far as other uses of motion sensors go, these devices can be installed discretely around your home. Sneaking into a home with motion sensors installed can be quite difficult since you can install them under doormats in a way that no intruder will be able to see it before stepping on it. The motion sensor will immediately notify you, letting you know of their presence.

Keep the Area Well-Lit

Visibility is one of the most important things when it comes to a home’s security. You can protect a home much better once you can see it clearly, which is why improving the lighting within and around your home can be very helpful in terms of security. In remote areas, it may help to add floodlights around your home, since these are very effective in keeping intruders away, or even spotting them from afar. Lighting can also make intruders believe that your home is occupied even when you are away, which increases security as well.


No home is ready to live in until it is as secure as possible. Ensuring home security before moving into a place means creating a living environment that is appropriate for all residents since it increases safety for not only their valuables but also their lives. Especially those homes which are located in remote areas may be more vulnerable to certain threats. This is why taking security measures that can appropriately deal with any potential threats is a requirement.

Richard P. Akin

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