How much does a fireplace installation cost in Toronto?

How much does a fireplace installation cost in Toronto?


The average cost for installing a fireplace is $2,415, and the majority of households pay $1,050-$3,780. A new fireplace unit costs an average of $1,600-$2,000, however, $2,100 or about 25-50% of total expenditures are added in installation and finishing. Get free European Home fireplaces installation estimates from a nearby installation professional. 

New fireplace installation cost

There are some features in your fireplace that may rise or lessen your installation cost like:

Gas lines

Costs range from $120 to 1,350 for installing a gas line. It could be a wood stove or a fireplace.


The cost of assembly starts at $100 and can exceed $500, depending on the number of devices to be linked. You are charged extra for the buying cost of professional handling and installation. You may also add personalized elements to the fireplaces that also increase the cost.


You may cost from 150 to 300 dollars with wired electric fireplaces. If the outlet has problems which need an electrician’s attention, you need to pay extra. If the outlet is readily connected and there is no difficulty with the fireplace contractor, the charges will be at the lower end.


The ventilation installation is charged by most contractors in the footage. Add $10 to $20 per linear footage to the cost of the ventilating unit and, you will probably pay between $400 and $2000. Contact a specialist who can help you in your region with your air standards and also explore the fireplaces without risk. Ensure that you have carbon monoxide detectors.

Installation of electric fireplace

Installation costs range from $150 up to $300, electric fireplaces are typically cheaper. They do not require much care and may be used more easily. However, during the installations, these fireplaces require electrical professionals to handle cables, which may ultimately increase costs. Every month, you’re also getting higher utility expenses.


Consider the purchase price of the stove and its assembly and installation costs when estimating the cost of the woodstove. All these elements cost between $3,000 and $4,000 in total.

However, if you decide to personalize the stove or selectively choose the material you desire, you will likely raise the price range. The chimney installation also affects the price, whether you require a heat-resistant foundation or a non-combustible wall cover.

Gas fireplace

You need a flue to transform a gas fireplace into a wood-burning. The normal costs you between $100 to $300, but they might rise if you need to rebuild or repair the chimney. The chimney and fireplace pieces will also indicate the precise amount of money that you spend.


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