Ideal Aesthetics for Small Gardens

Ideal Aesthetics for Small Gardens

Designing a garden isn’t always the easiest of ordeals. However, perhaps the hardest part of it is actually coming up with an idea that you would like to implement. Once you’ve started your research, though, it’s often hard to stop, with seemingly endless ideas being available on the internet for inspiration. 

As nice as many of these gardens look, you might find that many of these ideas are not suitable for your garden due to the requirement of large space. Well, if that’s the predicament that you’re in, then here are some great tips and ideas that you should keep in mind if you want to make your small garden look nice!

1) Folding chairs: Now I’m not suggesting that you use camping chairs in your garden, as they might look a little out of place. However, there are actually many different folding chair designs that look great, with the chairs being made out of different materials. Having folding chairs in your garden is great because they allow you to save a lot of space when the garden isn’t rammed with guests. This will allow you to enjoy a bit of alone time in the garden without the garden furniture taking up all of the space.

2) It’s all about furniture: Seeing as your garden is small, you’re likely going to want to be moving the garden furniture around quite often, to make space for guests for instance. This means that heavy furniture isn’t going to cut it. That’s why rattan garden furniture could be a good option. Not only is it light and easy to move around, but rattan is also water-resistant, meaning that you won’t have to put a waterproof cover over it when you’re not using the garden. Rattan also looks really nice, as it is a natural material that blends in with natural surroundings.

3) Make use of the walls: Walls don’t just have to serve as a standard monotone exterior of the house. You can take advantage of them by placing benches next to them so that they can act as something to lean on. You can also use them for storage or decoration purposes. If using them for storage, put some nails in the wall and hang your garden equipment from them. Or if you fancy something more visually appealing, hang some plant pots. There are actually many things that you can use a wall for that you might not imagine.

4) Be creative with your lighting: A small garden can actually look really cosy at night, especially if you’ve done the lighting well. Certain decorative lights like LED fairy lights are not only cheap but also don’t take up much space. This could be the perfect lighting option for your garden. If your garden is really small, then you might also be able to get enough light from indoors, as long as the blinds and curtains are open and the lights are on.



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