New Design Ideas For Your Shed

New Design Ideas For Your Shed

Owning an outdoor building is fast becoming a worldwide trend. It is certainly gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, particularly because these buildings can be used as multifunctional spaces. They can be manufactured from various resources, depending on your personal preferences and available funds. A bonus is that any addition to your property increases its value, should you decide to list it for sale sometime in the future.

Wood is one of the most expensive building materials in the UK, yet garden sheds are reasonably inexpensive when compared to structures of the same size, made from brick and mortar. Whether pre-made or customised to particular specifications, they can be brought to life in almost every way imaginable. Let’s take a look at some design ideas that will give your shed a facelift.

Colour Tones

If you’re planning to use your shed as a creative space, then paint the walls in shades of yellow or orange, given that they’re associated with imagination and optimism. Blues or greens are colours known to induce feelings of calm and serenity so would be better suited to a relaxation space such as a bedroom or meditation studio. 

Fabrics and Textures

Adding different textures to a space will draw your eye to certain areas within your shed. Some fabrics such as coral fleece bring a feeling of comfort, especially when they’re covering your legs on a crisp winter’s eve while sipping on a cup of cocoa.

Old ‘n Bold, Minimalist Modern

It may seem like a foreign concept to some but combining large, bold prints (such as the floral ones your grandmother used to have in her home) with minimalist pieces such as a glass coffee table can have a great design result. Mixing dated pieces with modern ones for an eclectic look is sometimes referred to as ‘granny chic’. It does make economical sense too because purchasing a preloved item from a secondhand store is almost always cheaper than buying something new.

Cute Kitchenette

It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, or what you’re using your shed for, your space will at the very least need a small bar fridge and a kettle. Incorporate the colour of your kitchenette into the rest of your shed to create a seamless flow of design.


Taking into account all the points above, you might want to turn your shed into a sunroom, even a makeshift summer house, especially if it has many windows. A bright daffodil coloured focus wall, a comfortable wingback chair upholstered in a soft, textured fabric, fresh flowers in a vase on your glass table, sipping on a cup of freshly brewed tea, all while the sun filters through the panes. 

You will find many design ideas on the internet and in conventional magazines. Draw inspiration from these resources as you begin to plan the perfect space that will be housed in your gorgeous garden shed.



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