Is an ADU Going to Help Increase the Size of My California Home?

An ADU is a smaller additional dwelling unit that may be placed directly onto the main house on your land and can be customized in any way you like. One of the most typical reasons for constructing an ADU is to expand the size of your existing house. “Bigger is better,” as the saying goes. But how much additional space does an ADU provide? What are the extra benefits of having an ADU? Continue reading to discover more about these wonderful apartments and how Acton ADU can assist you.

What Is the Process for Designating Something as an ADU?

ADUs can be used for several reasons, depending on the owner. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including an additional bedroom, office space, or even a home gym. ADUs are often more compact in size and more energy efficient than standard homes. As a consequence, they’re great for singles or couples looking for a little extra living space.

ADUs are also fantastic for enhancing your home’s total market value. You may help purchasers visualize themselves in your home by adding additional built-in storage and smaller, better-performing appliances to the main house. An ADU is an excellent alternative to explore if you need extra space for your growing family or want a peaceful hideaway away from your main house.

An ADU’s Numerous Applications

ADUs are flexible structures that may be employed in a number of contexts. They are frequently utilized as rental apartments, generating extra revenue and aiding with the payment of living expenses for homeowners. In contrast, ADUs can serve as guest rooms, home offices, or even principal dwellings. They are a popular alternative for homeowners who wish to optimize the utilization of their land while fulfilling their individual demands due to their adaptability.

For example, some homeowners are transforming them into private studios or workshops where they may pursue hobbies or creative interests. Some are being converted into in-law apartments for family members or elderly relatives. Others make extra money by renting them out to tourists or those on business for short periods of time. If you’ve ever pondered running a bed and breakfast, now is your chance!

Consider the following scenario: you require an extra bedroom for visiting family members or a quiet space to work from home. In such a situation, an ADU is an excellent method to maximize the value of your home without requiring expensive repairs or the construction of an altogether new structure. If you want to add value and convenience to your house, consider investing in an ADU in Alameda, CA.

Sizes Vary

ADUs come in a range of sizes and combinations. The smallest ADUs are often studio or one-bedroom housing, but bigger ADUs might include two or three bedrooms. ADUs, regardless of size, have particular features that set them apart from other forms of housing. For starters, they frequently include all of the modern comforts that city inhabitants expect, such as fully equipped kitchens, clean bathrooms with plenty of storage space, and energy-efficient equipment.

Our Acton ADU flats may be customized to any size. We will collaborate with you to choose the optimum size for your property. Bigger is only desired when it appears to make your property appear crowded!

Approval Process

You must seek authorization from your city or county planning authority before constructing an ADU on your California property. If you have made particular arrangements for the ADU ahead of time, this technique may be straightforward. In general, you must submit your application together with all needed papers, such as construction plans and architectural drawings, to the proper planning authority.

Following that, you may be invited to a planning department hearing – or series of hearings – to present your idea and to take about any possible problems or difficulties. However, with the right method, you can get an ADU permit and start building right away. Use this step if you want to enlarge your house and make the most of your space!

Increase the Value of Your House

Adding an ADU to your house is a great method to raise the value of your home while also making extra money. Having an ADU on the premises, on the other hand, comes with a deluge of additional fees for upkeep and maintenance. To begin, the higher the utility expenditures, the larger the space that must be heated or cooled. Painting or building a new fence, for example, may necessitate the use of a contractor or landscaper.

Finally, certain housing components, such as appliances, walls, flooring, and ceilings, may deteriorate more quickly over time, necessitating more frequent repairs and replacements. While the perks of having an ADU far outweigh the higher long-term costs, they must be taken into account before making this decision. The decision between constructing an ADU and a home ultimately depends on the amount of worth an ADU would bring to your property, as well as your desire and ability to cover the possible expenditures.

ADU Financing Options

Acton ADU offers the stability and predictability you need at a 30-year fixed price, with down payments as low as 10%, interest-only payments throughout construction, and a range of other perks and possibilities. We can provide the necessary finance whether you are remodeling an existing house or building a new one. Our ADU professionals are here to help you every step of the way, so contact us now to get started on your ADU experience!

Do Not Hesitate to Contact Acton ADU Builders

Please get in touch with us if you are considering installing an ADU on your Alameda, CA, property. Our professionals can guide you through the process and answer any concerns you might have. We also offer construction and design help to guarantee that your new ADU is created exactly as you want it. We know how to make your visions a reality with over 30 years of building expertise.

Click here to read more about Acton ADU services and to get started on your home remodeling project! The Acton ADU team can offer you the home of your dreams in a timely way due to our precise methodology and well-defined timeframe! Everything you want to do with your unit will be made a reality by us.

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