Renting Your Property: A Step-By-Step Guide

Renting Your Property: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you have an extra house, or perhaps some extra space in your house, the best way to put it to use is to rent it to someone. Renting it would not only generate you some extra income but also help you maintain your house. 

Instead of selling it to someone, you should prefer maintaining its ownership, which is possible only if you rent it. 

The problem is that most people do not really understand how renting houses work. They either end up renting them to people who ruin their house, or they rent it at lower prices. 

That’s why you need to understand the basics of renting houses before you decide to rent your house or a part of it. 

Here are certain things that you should consider:

  1. Get It Ready

If your house is not in good shape and everything is messy, it would repel both buyers and tenants. 

Before you decide to rent your house, you need to do all the necessary repairing. Make sure the electricity, ventilation, plumbing, and all other components of your house are properly working. 

Also, make sure your house looks attractive. Decorate it to make it look elegant and attractive. Renovating it would not only attract more tenants, but it would also increase the value of your house. 

  1. Research Your Local Market 

You need to be aware of the rents in your local market in order to put a reasonable and fair rent on your house. This is crucial because if you put a very high or a very low price on your house, in both cases, you would lose tenants.

  1. Find the right realtor

Most people either underestimate the importance of right realtors, or they just choose one very carelessly. Remember that there are specialized realtors for renting. Someone who is specialized in selling but not renting may not be a good realtor. 

So you need to be very careful about which real estate agent to hire. If you are from Montreal, you can rent your commercial space with Anthony D’anello, or a residential house absolutely easily and with a hundred percent guarantee. 

  1. List It Online

There are various sites where you can list your house or commercial space for rent. This is very helpful because it not only helps you find tenants but also gives you an idea about your local market and rent values. 

  1. Choose your tenants carefully

This is absolutely important because you don’t want to put your house in the hands of someone who will mess it up. 


If you have some extra commercial or residential space, you should rent it. Renting it would put some extra income in your pocket. Also, you would be able to maintain the ownership of your property along with gaining some profit from it. 

Madalyn Macejkovic

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