Wood and Lumber: Basic Things to Look For

Wood and Lumber: Basic Things to Look For

When it comes to making wooden material or any wooden structure, choosing the right wood may be the most preliminary step, but it’s the most important one too.

Your woodworking project may become too hectic and even boring if you are dealing with the wrong type of wood. You don’t necessarily have to be a carpenter or woodworker to know about wood types. You may have to choose a wood type for the furniture of your house or your fences. 

Here is some basic information regarding wood and lumber that you need to know in order to make a better choice. 

  1. Density

The density of lumber or wood is something that you should never compromise on. The density of your lumber determines how much it weighs and how much weight it can hold. 

The denser it is, the stronger your lumber will be. However, you should choose density according to your needs. For cupboards and closets, you should choose denser wood, while for small bookshelves, you should go for less dense wood. 

  1. Color

If you have chosen a wood type with ugly colors, it won’t look great despite the efforts you put into your woodwork. So, make sure you look at the personality of the wood based on its color and determine which color of wood may suit you best. 

You can paint your wood easily, but its natural color is always more attractive than its artificial coloring. 

  1. Texture

If you want the wood to be finished easily and beautifully, you should look for the right texture of wood. The wood of the right texture is also very stable and has a naturally good and polished surface. 

  1. Woodgrain

Woodgrain patterns give wood its classical look. You should consider having a wood that has elegant-looking grain patterns. 

  1. Cuts

If you are looking for pre-cut lumber, you should consider the length and width of the cuts. Make sure the wood is cut such that it easily suits your purposes and is easy to transport from one place to another. 

There can be various types of pre-cut wood, but you should go for the best like the Spec Wood precut lumber which is best for all sorts of purposes. 


It is absolutely important to consider the basic specifications and qualities of wood before buying it. Making the right choice while selecting wood is important for the durability, strength, and aesthetics of your wooden products. 

Rosalyn R. Crum

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