The Importance of Spring Cleaning and How to Tackle It

There are few things as off-putting as a cluttered, disorganized home. Not only is it visually unpleasant, it can become the cause of a lot of inconveniences. Your valuables could get lost or damaged in the mess, and some of these may even be irreplaceable. An unclean home can also harbor things like insects and termites which can destroy your walls, floors or furniture, creating an unnecessary expense for you. 

Spring cleaning is a thorough inspection of your home; it is a cleanup where you get rid of every bit of junk or build-up of trash and dust from every corner. While your home should be cleaned more regularly, annual spring cleaning is necessary to avoid any permanent damage to your home, making it almost as good as new. It allows you to have a detailed look at everything in your home which may have gone wrong in the past several months, and gives you a chance to fix any potential damages for a healthier home.

A good addition to this would be renewing or adding any services which you may need for your home, such as a lightning protection plan. The following is a spring cleaning guide to help you understand its importance and manage things better during the process. 

Why clean in the springtime?

Once the winter begins to settle and the landscape becomes greener, people may generally feel their mood-lifting. As the liveliest season of the year rolls around, you may notice a boost in your own productivity; this is a great opportunity to invest your time in something as important as your home. 

Cleaning is one of the healthiest activities to help clear your head. It is one of the best ways to clear your head and improve your general surrounding, and you may even discover some long-lost items in the sea of junk that you may have been hoarding for the past year. The following is a good way to begin this process so that it becomes easier to manage. 


The first step in spring cleaning is removing any unnecessary objects which you’ve been collecting. This is the time to get rid of anything your home doesn’t need, so that you can have a more breathable space. Dive deep into every shelf and cupboard in your home, taking out everything which has been stacked at the very back. You may even find useful items which you lost months ago, or some things which have been taking up unnecessary room in your storage spaces.

Clear Things Out

The first step is to remove everything from its place. Bring every box, piece of furniture and décor to the center of the room to expose the areas of the room which are usually inaccessible. Then, discard everything that you feel you don’t need to make more room.


Clean out the exposed areas. There may be build-up of things like dust; clean it out to create a clear space for your items. Replace the remaining objects in an organized way.


If you’re in a storage space, such as the garage, try to label everything as you put it back; this will make things a lot easier to locate in the future.

Target Each Room Separately

One thing which can simplify this process is targeting every room in the house separately. Considering your home as a whole might feel overwhelming, and dividing your chores will help make things easier. This will allow you to completely focus on what is in front, rather than worrying about all your pending work. 

A good idea would be to start with the garage or attic, since emptying out these rooms can expand your storage space. This can be very helpful in the decluttering process, especially if you own a lot of items which are valuable to you. This way, you will not have to get rid of everything.

Have Supplies Ready

Cleaning supplies are an important part of the spring cleaning process. Some places may be difficult to clean, and may require certain specific cleaning products. Make sure that you have detergents, sponges, mops and anything else you may require while cleaning. Without the proper tools, the process can become unnecessarily tedious.

Keep an Inventory 

An effective way to keep track of all your belongings during the cleaning process is to keep an inventory. This will allow you to know the status of everything you have moved or replaced during spring cleaning, so that you can relocate them whenever required. It may also make it easier to get rid of the things you don’t need.

A Well-Maintained Home

The winter can be a harsh season for a lot of people. In some areas, you may find yourself isolated at home for weeks during winter, which makes it all the more relieving when it finally ends. This is what makes spring a great time to start over. Throwing out everything you don’t need and customizing your home to your liking can be very therapeutic, and spring cleaning allows you to do just that.

This time of year can help you make room for new things in your home. You can reinvent your style by changing up the décor, alter the composition of your home, or even experiment with a different color palette. Spring cleaning gives you a clean slate, which makes it one of the healthiest activities to partake in as a homeowner.

Madalyn Macejkovic

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