All You Need To Know About Trendy Countertops

All You Need To Know About Trendy Countertops

If you are thinking of redecorating your house or upgrading your house with new kitchen elements then always think about the countertop first and let not beautiful things attract you but also its benefit and everything around the budget. People go for trendy items without thinking twice spending money a lot more than is required. There are cases in which people don’t spend enough money for having the best things around their kitchen expecting to have a better lifestyle. 

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Let us talk about the trend that was recently going on about the tiles countertop with the 3D effect that looks extremely beautiful but it is to be noted that tiles are not meant for daily usage and are very fragile and easily breakable with no heat resistance also it will leave a greasy effect after you cook. Things look fancy but don’t produce the effect that is required for a minimum go by.

If you are looking for something more down-to-earth and classic than marble and graphite are the best option for your kitchen. Not only it looks beautiful and natural but your kitchen with the slabs of marble and Granite will be unique because the process of cutting the stones has unique elements and beautiful textures that only natural calamities can make and cannot be replicated.

Trendy Graphite Slab Countertops Benefits:

  1. Graphite has many benefits and also because of its dark color it is very much a favorite of the people who like dark interiors with light backgrounds. Graphite is heat resistant and very hard to break with a smooth texture.
  2. Graphite is known to be very classy and it will not only look good but will enhance your kitchen. The only disadvantage of it is that the high contrast will let a see-through of dust very easily. So clean the spots regularly to avoid this.

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Trendy Marble Slab Countertops Benefits:

  1. Countertops Of marble can be counted as creativity plus because it has a softer side that is used to cut out the marble stone easily making it unique. Also it is heat resistant and it does not let dust sit with smooth consistency making it a perfect workspace. 
  2. Also if you are choosing marble you can choose from various textures and colors because marble stone comes in varieties. 

If you are looking for a space that will have all the options of Marble and graphite. Then visit Granite au Sommet now.


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