Ceramic Tiles in Demand!

Ceramic Tiles in Demand!

What are Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tiles are manufactured from a mixture of sand, clay, and water. This mixture is given fire and holds at a high temperature to remove the moisture from it. This heat treatment gives hard and durable characteristics to the tile. Ceramic tiles are generally made of a square or rectangle in shape. These ceramic tiles are manufactured in different sizes and colours. The ceramic tiles are easier to install and are durable. In the market, we can find ceramic tiles with glazed and unglazed types, and on its installation looks gorgeous. Ceramic tiles are extremely strong and are remarkably functional as compared to other material tiles. Nowadays, modern ceramic tiles varying in designs, affordability, hues, functionality, texture, patterns are available in markets. Depending on its requirements the ceramic tiles are designed for bedrooms, outdoors walls, floors, swimming pools, kitchen are designed and manufactured. The glazed ceramic tiles are recommended for the kitchen. These glazed tiles are stain resistance, water-resistant.

Ceramic tiles also come with unglazed, super glossy, pattern shine, glossy, and matte finishing types. In the market, the ceramic tiles are available in two popular sizes viz are 300mm  300mm and 600mmmm. These sizes of tiles are ideally used in all kinds of places both commercial and residential.

Are ceramic tiles strong and durable?

Ceramic tiles do not only look fantastic but are also extremely sturdy and practical. They are used for floors as well as walls. In the market, it is one of the best types of tiles. It can be cleaned and maintained with a basic regular sweeping, household cleaner, or by just a damp mopping. Ceramic tiles are coated with a special layer of stain resistance and scratch resistance making them durable and long time use.  Anti ceramic tiles are high in demand in the market. These slip-resistant and matte finishing ceramic tiles are recommended to be installed in flooring. For the best ceramic tiles, you can visit ‘Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles.’

Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles:

Due to the characteristics of the Ceramic tiles, it is the choice of many interior designers and homeowners. Following are the characteristics of the Ceramic tiles:

  1. Dirt resistance
  2. Durability
  3. Hygiene
  4. Skid resistance
  5. Variety of texture, colour, and pattern
  6. Easy Installation
  7. Economical and pocket friendly
  8. Longevity of colours
  9. Stain resistance

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